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Overall, they report that there is often little incentive for men to date and even less for them to consider long-term commitments.

In a previous article, I put forward the notion that individuals were not "afraid" to date—rather they simply did not have sufficient incentive to do so (see here).

However, if you do decide to tempt fate, these are the ways you’ll most likely get caught. Thinking You’ll Beat The Odds Most gamblers are familiar with the expression, “The house always wins.” Yet, casinos are filled with people risking their money to beat the odds. “There is a rush involved in having an affair,” Severson says.

“And like any relationship, emotions fade over time.

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His success in this role has landed him smack in the middle of social science’s credibility crisis. Anderson will present a paper at the American Sociological Association conference in San Francisco whose title borrows Ashley Madison’s slogan: “Life is Short, Have an Affair: Middle-Age Women and Extra-Marital Affairs.” In it, he analyzes covertly observed conversations between 100 women on the site and their potential male partners, and claims to show the women do this not because they are unhappy with their husbands or wish for divorce, but simply because of “a lack of romantic passion and sex in their marriages.” Ashley Madison is a dating site promoted toward married people. From that perspective, hiring an academic to present friendly research about female customers at a serious conference makes good business sense.“I’m trying to put Ashley Madison out of business,” said Prof. The paper was not peer reviewed, and was rejected for publication by the American Sociological Review. “You can only get so much excitement out of sex with the same person, and all of the efforts to spice it up will only go so far,” Prof. The “monogamy myth” of eternally fulfilling sex with one’s spouse “is a very damaging myth because people believe that when they stop having sex, that the love in the relationship has worn out, and what I argue is that it’s just the opposite, that when they stop having sex, the relationship has just begun.Anderson, who teaches at the University of Winchester in England and is also “Chief Science Officer” for the Toronto-based dating website, which facilitates extramarital affairs. I think the dominant culture is doing just fine in stigmatizing people who want sex outside of their relationship as perverts. Once you’ve stopped having sex with your partner, now you’re in a relationship for the appropriate reasons, the emotional, social connection, the history that the couple have together.” As a piece of marketing bumph, focused on women in particular, the paper fits with Ashley Madison’s priorities.Men and women who cheat are so desperate to get laid that they offer up personal information at some point during the affair.This personal info is a trail right back to your #1 girl.” So, if you’re thinking about dating multiple women when you’re already in a committed relationship, we’re here to say: don’t do it. The same goes with cheating, according to Severson.

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